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Fragrantica is an online magazine, encyclopedia, and community that offers perfume reviews, news, and a vast database of fragrances.

Scentbird is a subscription service offering monthly samples of designer fragrances, allowing users to discover and try new scents before committing to full-sized bottles.

Pinrose offers personalized, cruelty-free perfumes and fragrances, emphasizing clean beauty with vegan ingredients and sustainable packaging. Discover unique scents with their sensory quiz.

Fragrances of the World, created by Michael Edwards, is a top resource for perfume classification with a vast database, the iconic Fragrance Wheel, and expert insights. is an online retailer offering discounted perfumes, colognes, and beauty products, providing a vast selection of genuine brand name items.

Explore the world of senses through Bois de Jasmin, a place for art, literature, history, and scent enthusiasts.

Now Smell This offers perfume reviews, fragrance news, and resources for perfume enthusiasts, covering new launches, perfumers, and perfume houses.

Explore perfumes, reviews, and fragrance news at Parfumo. Discover new scents and connect with a community of fragrance enthusiasts.

Basenotes is an online community for fragrance enthusiasts, offering a vast database of perfumes, user reviews, and a forum for discussing all things related to fragrances.