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Your go-to guide for the latest beauty knowledge, tips, and tools of 2024 helps users check the production and expiration dates of cosmetics and perfumes using batch codes, ensuring product freshness and safety.

Fragrantica is an online magazine, encyclopedia, and community that offers perfume reviews, news, and a vast database of fragrances.

Blushing Noir is a beauty blog by Brooke, offering product reviews, makeup tutorials, and beauty tips, focusing on accessible and high-quality beauty content for enthusiasts.

Bubbly Michelle is a beauty blog by Michelle, featuring luxury beauty product reviews, makeup tutorials, skincare tips, and seasonal gift guides with a focus on high-end brands.

Spindelsven, by makeup artist Ida Kyllerman, is a cruelty-free beauty blog offering makeup reviews, beauty tips, and lifestyle content with a focus on vegan and ethical products.

Nouveau Cheap is a beauty blog by G., offering budget-friendly beauty tips, product reviews, and drugstore makeup finds, focusing on affordability and accessibility.

Fifty Shades of Snail is a skincare and beauty blog by Jude Chao, offering product reviews, skincare advice, and wellness tips, with a focus on Korean beauty and science-backed insights.

A Millennial's Notebook is a beauty blog by Annie, featuring detailed reviews of makeup products and brushes, beauty tips, and personal insights, with a focus on luxury and practicality.

Oh My Stellar is a beauty, lifestyle, and gaming blog by Stella, featuring product reviews, beauty tips, travel guides, and tech essentials, with a focus on Korean beauty trends.

BTY ALY is a beauty magazine focusing on skincare, makeup, and beauty trends, offering detailed reviews, ingredient insights, and guides, with an emphasis on high-quality content.

Beauty Professor is a blog by Rachel Anise, offering in-depth reviews, makeup tutorials, and beauty tips, with a focus on high-end and luxury beauty products and trends.

LiftBakeLove is a beauty and lifestyle blog offering unbiased reviews of makeup and skincare products, along with practical tips, travel advice, and wellness content.

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