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Blushing Noir is a beauty blog by Brooke, offering product reviews, makeup tutorials, and beauty tips, focusing on accessible and high-quality beauty content for enthusiasts.

Bubbly Michelle is a beauty blog by Michelle, featuring luxury beauty product reviews, makeup tutorials, skincare tips, and seasonal gift guides with a focus on high-end brands.

Spindelsven, by makeup artist Ida Kyllerman, is a cruelty-free beauty blog offering makeup reviews, beauty tips, and lifestyle content with a focus on vegan and ethical products.

Nouveau Cheap is a beauty blog by G., offering budget-friendly beauty tips, product reviews, and drugstore makeup finds, focusing on affordability and accessibility.

Fifty Shades of Snail is a skincare and beauty blog by Jude Chao, offering product reviews, skincare advice, and wellness tips, with a focus on Korean beauty and science-backed insights.

A Millennial's Notebook is a beauty blog by Annie, featuring detailed reviews of makeup products and brushes, beauty tips, and personal insights, with a focus on luxury and practicality.

Oh My Stellar is a beauty, lifestyle, and gaming blog by Stella, featuring product reviews, beauty tips, travel guides, and tech essentials, with a focus on Korean beauty trends.

BTY ALY is a beauty magazine focusing on skincare, makeup, and beauty trends, offering detailed reviews, ingredient insights, and guides, with an emphasis on high-quality content.

Beauty Professor is a blog by Rachel Anise, offering in-depth reviews, makeup tutorials, and beauty tips, with a focus on high-end and luxury beauty products and trends.

LiftBakeLove is a beauty and lifestyle blog offering unbiased reviews of makeup and skincare products, along with practical tips, travel advice, and wellness content.

Sweet Makeup Temptations is a blog by Sonia G. focusing on makeup brushes, offering detailed reviews, insights on craftsmanship, and beauty tips, with a passion for quality tools.

Phyrra is a beauty blog focusing on goth makeup, indie beauty brands, and alternative fashion. It features product reviews, makeup tutorials, and lifestyle content from a unique perspective.

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