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Temptalia is a comprehensive beauty blog offering makeup reviews, swatches, and product comparisons, alongside expert beauty tips, trends, and the latest launches.

A Good Hue is a beauty, style, and lifestyle blog by Amanda, offering makeup reviews, skincare tips, fashion advice, and personal insights, along with travel and wellness content.

The Beauty Look Book is a blog offering beauty product reviews, makeup looks, and lifestyle content, with a focus on high-end and luxury beauty brands and trends.

Dupeshop Beauty is an online platform offering affordable alternatives to expensive beauty products, featuring detailed comparisons and expert-tested dupes for makeup and skincare.

Into The Gloss is a beauty and lifestyle blog by Glossier, featuring expert interviews, product reviews, and beauty tips, alongside articles on skincare, makeup, and haircare trends.




VIPXO is a blog by Victoria Price, covering beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and travel, offering product reviews, style tips, personal insights, and practical advice.

A Little Obsessed is a beauty and lifestyle blog by Sabrina, featuring makeup reviews, fashion tips, personal style, and travel insights, along with practical life advice.

Pearls and Poodles is a beauty and lifestyle blog offering detailed reviews, makeup tips, and skincare advice, alongside tutorials and recommendations for beauty products.

Mouldyfruit is a beauty and lifestyle blog by Zara, featuring product reviews, beauty tips, and personal reflections, with a focus on skincare, makeup, and well-being.

Fleur De Force is a beauty and lifestyle blog by Fleur, featuring makeup reviews, fashion tips, lifestyle advice, and personal insights, alongside shopping guides and recommendations.

Lisa Eldridge's website offers luxury makeup and skincare products, known for their high quality and cruelty-free ingredients, along with expert beauty tips and tutorials.

Katie Snooks' blog features personal insights on beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and travel, with detailed reviews, tips, and guides to inspire and inform her readers.

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