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Sweet Makeup Temptations is a blog by Sonia G. focusing on makeup brushes, offering detailed reviews, insights on craftsmanship, and beauty tips, with a passion for quality tools.

Phyrra is a beauty blog focusing on goth makeup, indie beauty brands, and alternative fashion. It features product reviews, makeup tutorials, and lifestyle content from a unique perspective.

Musings of a Muse is a beauty blog featuring product reviews, makeup tips, and skincare advice, offering honest opinions and in-depth insights on the latest beauty trends.

Auxiliary Beauty is a beauty blog by Karima, offering detailed reviews, makeup tips, and beauty insights, focusing on high-quality content and personal experiences.

The Happy Sloths is a beauty blog offering product reviews, swatches, and beauty news, featuring makeup, skincare, and fragrance content with honest opinions and detailed insights.

Kind of Stephen is a blog by skincare and cosmetic formulator Stephen, offering scientifically-backed insights on skincare ingredients, product reviews, and beauty industry trends.

Lab Muffin Beauty Science, by Michelle, explains the science behind beauty products, offering evidence-based reviews, skincare advice, and myth-busting articles for informed beauty choices.

Shameless Fripperies is a makeup blog by Karima McKimmie, featuring tutorials, product reviews, and beauty tips, focusing on high-quality content and personal insights.

Jasmine Talks Beauty is your go-to blog for beauty tips, skincare routines, and the latest trends in makeup and lifestyle.

Makeup and Beauty Blog offers daily product reviews, makeup tips, and beauty news, curated by Karen, a freelance writer and beauty enthusiast, featuring high-quality content and personal insights.

Beauty Unhyped focuses on resisting overhyped beauty trends and rediscovering favorite products, offering honest reviews, skincare tips, and practical beauty advice.

Scentbird is a subscription service offering monthly samples of designer fragrances, allowing users to discover and try new scents before committing to full-sized bottles.

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