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284K Monthly Visits helps users verify the manufacture date and shelf life of cosmetics and perfumes by entering batch codes, ensuring product freshness and safety.
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What is Check Cosmetic? is a user-friendly online platform that helps consumers determine the manufacture date and general shelf life of cosmetic and perfume products. By entering the batch code or lot number found on product packaging, users can quickly find out when their products were made and how long they are expected to remain effective. This service is particularly useful for verifying the freshness and safety of beauty products, as the shelf life of cosmetics can impact their quality and efficacy over time.

The website supports a wide range of popular cosmetic and perfume brands, offering an extensive database that includes major names like Chanel, Dior, and Estée Lauder. also educates users on the importance of understanding batch codes, which are used by manufacturers to identify production details but are not always easy for consumers to decipher. The site provides examples of where to find these codes and offers a simple, straightforward way to check product dates.


How does the cosmetic calculator on work?

You can enter the brand name and batch code/lot number from your cosmetic or perfume product into the calculator tool. It will then attempt to decode the batch code format used by that brand to provide an estimate of the production date.

How accurate are the production date calculations? states that the algorithms used are based on information from official sources and consultants, but they cannot guarantee the results will always be accurate or up-to-date. Contacting the brand directly is recommended for precise production date information.

Can I use Check Cosmetic for all cosmetic brands?

CheckCosmetic supports a large number of cosmetic brands, but not all brands may be included in their database. The website is continuously updated with new brands and batch code information.

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CheckExp is a tool for checking cosmetic expiry dates using batch codes. Simply enter the brand and batch code to verify your cosmetic products. helps users check the production and expiration dates of cosmetics and perfumes using batch codes, ensuring product freshness and safety.