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CheckExp is a tool for checking cosmetic expiry dates using batch codes. Simply enter the brand and batch code to verify your cosmetic products.
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What is Check Exp? is an online tool that allows users to verify the expiry dates of cosmetics by entering batch codes. This platform supports a wide range of cosmetic brands, helping consumers determine the manufacture date and shelf life of their products. By simply selecting a brand and inputting the batch code found on the product packaging, users can quickly check the product's expiry status. This tool is particularly useful for ensuring that cosmetics are still safe and effective to use. educates users on how to locate batch codes on various products and explains the significance of different codes and symbols related to product shelf life, such as the "Period After Opening" (PAO) sign. This feature indicates how long a product remains safe to use after it has been opened. The website also provides tips for finding additional product information through barcodes, QR codes, and manufacturer details. By promoting awareness of product expiry dates, helps consumers make informed decisions about their cosmetic purchases.


How do I use to check the expiration date of my product?

To use, enter the batch code or lot number found on your product's packaging into the search bar on the website. The tool will decode the batch code and provide information on the expiration date and shelf life of the product.

How does determine expiration dates? collects data about cosmetic products from various sources. They analyze the rules and formulas for each type of batch code to determine the expiration date based on the entered code.

How accurate is the information provided by states that they collect data from various sources to analyze batch code formats and derive formulas to calculate dates, but they do not guarantee 100% accuracy. The results should be considered estimates rather than definitive expiration dates.

3 alternatives to Check Exp for Batch Code Checker helps you find the production date of perfumes and cosmetics using batch codes. helps users verify the manufacture date and shelf life of cosmetics and perfumes by entering batch codes, ensuring product freshness and safety. helps users check the production and expiration dates of cosmetics and perfumes using batch codes, ensuring product freshness and safety.