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1M Monthly Visits helps you find the production date of perfumes and cosmetics using batch codes.
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What is Check Fresh?

CheckFresh is an online tool designed to help consumers determine the manufacture date and estimated shelf life of perfumes and cosmetics using their batch codes. By entering the batch code found on product packaging, users can quickly find out when their products were produced and assess their freshness. This is particularly useful for ensuring that cosmetics and perfumes are still effective and safe to use.

CheckFresh supports a wide range of cosmetic and perfume brands, offering a comprehensive database that includes many well-known names. The website educates users on how to locate batch codes on different types of products and provides a straightforward interface for inputting these codes and retrieving manufacture dates. This service helps users make informed decisions about their beauty products, ensuring they are using fresh and effective items. CheckFresh aims to promote awareness about the importance of product freshness in maintaining optimal performance and safety.


How does work?

The website has a database of batch code formats used by different cosmetic brands. You can enter the batch code from your product, and it will decode the manufacturing date based on that brand's format.

What information do I need to use

You need the brand name and the batch code/lot number printed on the product packaging. The batch code contains encoded information about the manufacturing date.

Are all cosmetic brands supported on

No, the website has a limited database of brands and batch code formats. If your brand is not listed, you can contact them to request adding support for that brand's batch coding system.

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