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CosDNA is an online database that analyzes cosmetic ingredients, providing safety ratings and information on risks and benefits.
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What is CosDNA?

CosDNA (Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary and Analyzer) is an invaluable online tool for consumers and professionals seeking detailed information on cosmetic ingredients. It provides comprehensive analyses, safety ratings, and potential health impacts for each ingredient found in personal care products. Users can easily search for products, review ingredient lists, and understand the associated risks and benefits, making it a trusted resource for making informed decisions about skincare and cosmetics.

The database is user-friendly and continually updated, ensuring access to the latest ingredient data and safety assessments. By offering transparent and accessible information, CosDNA empowers users to make safer, more informed choices in their personal care routines. Whether you're a consumer concerned about ingredient safety or a professional in the beauty industry, CosDNA is a go-to resource for all your cosmetic ingredient inquiries.


How does CosDNA rate ingredients?

CosDNA rates ingredients based on their potential health impacts, using a numerical scale to indicate safety levels. The ratings consider factors such as irritation, acne-causing potential, and overall safety.

Where does CosDNA get its information?

CosDNA relies on user submissions for products and ingredients. Users can add new products or ingredients to be reviewed and analyzed by CosDNA.

Are the ratings reliable?

While CosDNA provides valuable insights, its ratings should be used as a guide rather than an absolute measure. Users are encouraged to cross-reference with other reputable sources for a comprehensive understanding.

What information is provided for ingredients?

CosDNA provides profiles for each ingredient, including the chemical name, molecular weight, CAS number, function, and any available safety ratings or concerns.


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