EWG's Skin Deep®

EWG's Skin Deep®

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EWG’s Skin Deep® database offers practical solutions to help you and your family avoid everyday chemical exposures in personal care products.
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What is EWG's Skin Deep®?

EWG's Skin Deep® database is a comprehensive online resource designed by the Environmental Working Group to help consumers understand the potential health hazards of ingredients in personal care products. The database evaluates and scores products based on their ingredients' safety, offering a transparent and easy-to-understand assessment of various cosmetics and personal care items.

By providing detailed information on a wide range of products, including skincare, hair care, and makeup, Skin Deep® empowers users to make informed decisions to protect themselves and their families from harmful chemical exposures. The platform serves as a valuable tool for those seeking healthier, safer options in their daily personal care routines.


How are products evaluated by EWG’s Skin Deep?

Products are reviewed by EWG's experts, including toxicologists and chemists, using strict scientific criteria. They assess each ingredient and its potential health effects.

What kind of information does EWG’s Skin Deep provide?

For each product, you get an ingredient list, a safety rating, and potential health concerns for specific ingredients. The database also highlights safer, EWG VERIFIED® products.

Is EWG’s Skin Deep database reliable?

The database is a helpful tool for understanding chemical safety, though some experts and industry groups have criticized EWG's methods as occasionally overstated or controversial.

How can I use EWG’s Skin Deep database effectively?

Use the Skin Deep database as a resource alongside other authoritative sources. Cross-reference information to make well-informed decisions about product safety.

5 alternatives to EWG's Skin Deep® for Ingredient

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CosDNA is an online database that analyzes cosmetic ingredients, providing safety ratings and information on risks and benefits.

INCIDecoder provides quick and easy-to-understand, science-based explanations of skincare ingredients.

PubChem is a free database from NCBI providing detailed information on chemical structures, properties, and biological activities, widely used for scientific research and education.

Cosmetics Info provides reliable, science-based information on the safety and regulation of cosmetic and personal care products, helping consumers make informed decisions.

The Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR) evaluates the safety of cosmetic ingredients through scientific review and public meetings, ensuring transparency and credibility.