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INCIDecoder provides quick and easy-to-understand, science-based explanations of skincare ingredients.
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What is INCIDecoder?

INCIDecoder is an online platform that helps users understand the ingredients in their skincare products. By providing detailed information on each ingredient’s function, benefits, and potential irritancy, it empowers consumers to make informed skincare choices. The user-friendly interface allows for easy searching of specific products or ingredients, offering clear, research-backed explanations.

Additionally, INCIDecoder simplifies complex scientific terms into accessible language, making it an invaluable resource for those wanting to ensure the safety and effectiveness of their skincare products.


How does INCIDecoder work?

You can search for a specific product on INCIDecoder, or copy and paste an ingredient list into the analyzer tool. The website will then break down the list, grouping ingredients by function (emollient, perfuming, etc.), providing a description and ranking for each ingredient, and offering additional research links.

What kind of information does INCIDecoder provide?

For each ingredient, INCIDecoder explains what it is, what it does (e.g., moisturizer, anti-aging, etc.), and any potential irritancy or safety concerns. It also categorizes ingredients as "superstars," "goodies," or other ratings based on their effectiveness and safety.

How reliable is the information on INCIDecoder?

While INCIDecoder aims to provide research-backed information, some users have raised concerns about potential biases or inaccuracies, as the website is published by the Personal Care Product Council (a trade association). Cross-referencing with other sources is recommended.

How often is the ingredient database updated?

INCIDecoder does not specify how often its ingredient database is updated, but it seems to be regularly maintained and expanded based on the "newly explained" ingredients section.

Can I contribute data to INCIDecoder?

Yes, if you create an account on INCIDecoder, you can upload ingredient lists or pictures of products not already in their database. The website will then analyze and add the product information.

Can I find product reviews on INCIDecoder?

No, INCIDecoder does not provide product reviews or ratings.[3] It solely focuses on decoding and explaining the ingredient lists of various cosmetic and personal care products.

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